Working with the Master from Siberia, I learned that there are four development options: the degrading path, the ordinary path, the ideal path and the exceptional path. Considering that such concepts as Soul, Karma, Forces, Energy, Destiny have become for me the same natural objects for orientation as skills, abilities, profession, physical strength, intelligence. There was only one choice of development option - Ideal path. Ideal path implies that in social realization in this life, one must take into account the Karma, the main Force and the life goal that the Soul has set for this life. To get into a more developed world in the next life to continue the development of the Soul.

Adjusting to this path of development I needed to learn:

  • What is my main Force in this life that needs to be developed;

  • What is my main Karma that needs to be worked out;

  • What is the main life goal in this incarnation;

  • What are the main instruments and abilities that I need to apply to implement the previous paragraphs.

Thus appeared an understanding of the key information base that is needed for an ideal path of development of oneself as a sentient being. I divided this base into two parts and called it "Life Constant" and "Life Plan". This is what you need to know by heart, what you need to focus on always and in any situation. If the Ideal Development Path is chosen.

Over time, developing own abilities I learned to "read" a person's Life plan and Life constant.

Life constant

The quality of life can be built based on general, averaged norms and rules. When everyone is equal to the existing and subsequent ones are equal to the one who soaked up the common and accepted. But this does not mean that it is important and high-quality for own individuality.

Each person is not a common object and is not something averaged. Each person is not something that should suit everyone and everything. Each individual is a unique person from birth who has an exact set of characteristics in the form of abilities and skills. A unique person who has its situation that needs to be resolved which is trapped in the Karmic circle. A unique person who has one embodied Main Force, which allows, regardless of social moods, systematically move towards own goals and objectives to achieve a satisfying quality of Life.

The entire amount of characteristics is never given to a person at birth, as a sheet with a set of own rules for successful and high-quality development. It is impossible to determine them by yourself, because they don't teach you that at school and university. But, this does not remove their significance and their necessity.

In life, it is not enough to master the externally offered abilities, qualities, beliefs, characteristics and rules. In life, first of all it is necessary to master your individually selected tools, which went into the beginnings of a person at birth.

The whole delicate and accurate set of tools that can make from a person, a high-quality and strong Person, has a Life Constant. The Life constant it is a set of distinct elements that contribute to the development and formation of a person in social life so that you can call Yourself with a capital "Y".

The Life constant consists of:

  • Primary ability;

  • The main Karmic circle;

  • Creator of inner motive;

  • The main instrument for successful movement;

  • The main life goal;

  • Basic Force.

All six elements are an integral part for development, cognition, discovery and application for everyone. If you know your Life Constant, you will be sure where you are going.

Life plan

Man is not born just to be. Every man is born to realize own life goal, thereby building exceptional living conditions for himself and helping those who surround him.

As you know, life is full of chaos, which reveals itself through unexpected situations. It is not an easy idea to plan every step you take and it won't make it easier to navigate your own life. It is necessary to remember that external living conditions always nourish to offer something new, something better, to beat out of own rhythm, taking precious attention.

Based on external circumstances, it is known and clear how to plan your day, your week, your month, your year. Known and clear according to external obligations and deeds. A person is trained to plan and act from the fact how external circumstances develop. But external circumstances are not the man himself. The highest degree of self-respect is to plan from oneself, from one’s actual inborn needs and in a such way that helps to choose and create relevant social conditions for one’s development. You came here not to get stuck in "social paints", but to build quality in career, family, relationship.

It is important to know the main things in life. The main reference points, focusing on which will be able to maintain fidelity in the selection of social values. Which will make clear what needs to be achieved and what is unnecessary.

The most important thing that will accompany and help determine your own choice from the beginning to the end of your life is the Life Plan. The Life plan is an individual plan of whole life, taking into account all the features of a person.

The most difficult thing is to determine the reference, control points that will support at the right time and will not allow to turn aside. The Life plan brings together all the rules that the person must adhere to. It shows what person has locked in himself due to some reasons, but must see and use it. It helps to show those elements what already exist and do not require any further development.

The Life plan includes the following:

  • Knowledge of what will actualize oneself effectively in life;

  • Knowledge of what your individuality has to be able to do;

  • Knowledge of what is already developed from birth but may not apply;

  • What prevents to succeed and be realized in life;

  • What needs to be done for good implementation.

It is much easier to actualize oneself in life when you know your Life plan. Knowing it, you can be sure that it will be more difficult for social systems to twist around little finger.

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